Retrospect and Prospect of Hong Kong Cinema

Screening Communities

Diving into the historical development of Postwar Hong Kong film culture reveals complexity beyond our understandings of the typical “rise and fall” narrative. Any investigation into Postwar Hong Kong cinema must entail an examination of Hong Kong’s colonial history and its changing sociopolitical conditions as well. During the 1960s, Hong Kong was the site for numerous ideological struggles between Britain, China, and Hong Kong, and it is this intersection of culture and politics that this symposium hopes to emphasize.

Dr. Jing Jing Chang will be speaking on her new book Screening Communities, an exciting new analysis that situates Hong Kong cinema within the city’s colonial past. An incredible historical narrative on shaping a local community through film narrative.

Dr. Jessica Li will be presenting her paper “Eileen Chang: Hong Kong Screenplays in the 1960s.” An insightful research tracing the trajectory of Shanghai writer Eileen Chang who had brought together the cultural interflows between Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Yiching Wu, Director, Dr. David Chu Program in Contemporary Asian Studies & Associate Professor, Asian Institute and Department of East Asian Studies


Jing Jing Chang, Associate Professor, Department of English and Film Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University

Jessica Tsui-Yan Li, Associate Professor & Program Coordinator, Chinese Language and Literature, York University


Bart Testa, Associate Professor, Cinema Studies Institute, University of Toronto


Light refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP by emailing or by calling 416-946-8978.