Copy, Print, Scan, Microfilm Reader

Copy, Print & Scan

Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library does not have public printer/photocopier/scanner services on site.

Please talk to the front desk if you need to photocopy/scan our library materials or have printing needs. 

Copying, Printing, Scanning Services in the Robarts Library

  1. Rates: Copy $0.10/page, Print: $0.15/page, Scan: free (USB key required) 

  2. Adding funds to your cards: TCard+ (students, faculty and staff), Guest print/copy cards (public members)

  3. Public photocopiers in Robarts. On the 8th floor: Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library.  

  4. Public printer locations in Robarts. On the 8th floor: Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library

  5. Scanner locations in Robarts. On the 8th floor: Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library

  6. Send a document to the printers from one of the library's computers or from your laptop at selected locations.

Microfilm Reader

The microfilm reader is currently located in the library's media area beside Room 8076. Please feel free to let our front desk staff know if you would like any assistance. A TCard or Guest copy/print card is required to print content out. 

If you need to save images to your USB key, please talk to our front desk staff, who will direct you to use the microform readers in the Media Commons (on the 3rd floor of Robarts Library) after proper registration procedure.