About the Library


"The subtle Chinese characteristics and contemporary design allows more flexibility of space that accommodates not only private and group study areas, but is reconfigurable to host seminars and reception events. Permanent and temporary exhibits will provide plenty of opportunity to promote Chinese art and culture along its interior walls and featured display areas" 
Vivienne Poy, Senator 

"Understanding the Chinese and Hong Kong experience is fundamental to understanding Canada's multicultural society. The Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library will support academic activities and provide a place for students and faculty to connect with the wider community. We greatly appreciate the support we have received for this unique facility, which is truly library space for the 21st century."
David Naylor, President, University of Toronto

Library Name in Chinese

典: 指重要的文獻;可作為依據或模範的書 
Dian: Important documents; books giving information on particular subjects, words, names, and facts. 

宬: 藏書室 
Cheng: A place set apart to store books. 

典宬: 為可供民眾閱讀的文、史、科技諸科的古今中外書籍,編之有冊,列之有律的藏書室 (圖書館)。 
Diancheng: Library. 

Huang Shi Cheng (皇史宬), located in Beijing, China, contains historical documents and archives on the Ming, Qing and other dynasties. Built in 1534, it was the first institution to house historical documents of the emperor.