About Dr. Richard Charles Lee


Dr. Richard Charles Lee (1905 – 1983)

One of the foremost Hong Kong businessmen and philanthropists of his day, Dr. Richard Charles Lee was born into a prominent family in Hong Kong, then a British Colony. He studied at Queen’s College in Hong Kong, before attending the School of Engineering at Pembroke College, Oxford. During his time at Oxford, Dr. Lee became President of the Chinese Students’ Union of Europe. He graduated from Oxford with a B.A. in 1927.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, Dr. Lee began his manifold career in business, politics, and community service. Among the many important positions he served include: representing economic commissions to Australia and Singapore for the Colony, leading trade missions to West Africa and Germany, serving in the Legislative and Executive Councils of Hong Kong, member of the Court and Council of the University of Hong Kong, as well as Vice-chairman of the Council of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Lee also served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of many important companies that made remarkable contribution to the growth of Hong Kong. He was made Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 1963, and was awarded Honorary Doctor of Laws Degrees from both the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1964.

利銘澤博士 (1905 – 1983)

利銘澤博士為香港當代其中一位最重要的商人和慈善家。他出生於香港的一個顯赫家族,肆業於皇仁書院,其後負笈英國牛津大學彭布羅克學院(Pembroke College)的工程學院,並於1927年獲授予文學學士學位。於牛津留學期間,利博士曾擔任歐洲中國學生會主席。


利博士同時擔任多個於香港發展過程中地位舉足輕重的企業的董事會主席。他多年來對社會貢獻良多,並於1963年獲封大英帝國司令勳章 (CBE) ,及於1964年獲香港大學及香港中文大學授予榮譽博士銜。