Crosscurrents Events

December 2017
A Taste of Hong Kong in Toronto

November 2017
China’s HKSAR at 20: Two Decades of “One Country, Two Systems” Actualization Hong Kong's Housing Policy

September 2017
East Meets West: Eurasians and Hong Kong

July 2017
Multi Voices One Heart: Celebrating Canada 150 in Cantonese Opera

June 2017
What Cantonese Opera Accompaniment Is Not: In Comparison with Classical Music 粵劇伴奏不是甚麽: 拍和與兜答

May 2017
Hong Kong Seminar Series: Cultural Adaptation, Screening Community and Apocalypse in Hong Kong Films

April 2017
Hong Kong Canada Crosscurrents Seminar: Development in Hong Kong’s Post-1997 Capitalism & Trends in Chinese Canadian Businesses

March 2017
Hong Kong Seminar Series Hong Kong Stories -- A Historical Perspective

February 2017
Hong Kong Seminar Series: Home Ownership among Local Born and Migrant Young Adults in Hong Kong

January 2017
HKSAR 20th Anniversary Seminar Series Hong Kong Canada Interrelations: A Personal Account

December 2016
Symposium on the Battle of Hong Kong: 75th Anniversary

October 2016
Classification of Chinatowns in Canada

September 2016
A Celebration of Luk’s Academic Achievements

May 2016
Professor Kara Chan: Measuring Social Inclusion Among Chinese Immigrants in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom Using SCOPE

March 2016
Panel: The Survival, Resistance, and Social Network of Chinese in Hong Kong, Australia and Canada

December 2015
Dickson Wu Painting Donation Ceremony

November 2015
Dr. John Nguyet Erni Lecture: Ethnic Minorities, Hong Kong Chineseness, and the Politics of Stranger-relations

July 2015
Dr. Wing Chung Ng Book Talk - "The Rise of Cantonese Opera"
Dr. David Chuenyan Lai Lecture: History of the Hongmen and Chinese Freemasons in Canada

June 2015
"我城故影 - Images of Our City" Photo Exhibition

May 2015
Cantonese Worlds Workshop, May 14-15, 2015

October 2014
Youth, Pop Culture, and Media, and Not Speaking Cantonese
Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library and Hong Kong-Canada Crosscurrents Project Reception

March 2014
“Yinglish/Englishized Cantonese” and Cultural Identities in Hong Kong

February 2014
Launch of the Hong Kong-Canada Crosscurrents Project
Frank Ling's Book Talk: Pray Standing