WiseSearch 慧科搜索


WiseSearch has two parts: WiseNews and WiseEnterprise.

WiseNews, the News archive, is updated every day with items from over 1,600 content providers, including all 18 Chinese and English newspapers of Hong Kong, and a large number of other top-tier newspapers, magazines, newswires, TV and radio broadcasts of Mainland, Taiwan and some Asia Pacific countries. The database currently has more than 150 million articles from since 1979, offering unrivalled breadth and depth of Greater China news reports and feature articles.

WiseEnterprise offers information on company profiles and related news and financial data in Greater China. You can browse and search by industry. 

WiseSearch is licensed for access by U. of T. users for two concurrent users. 

Access WiseSearch at http://go.utlib.ca/cat/11832742

慧科搜索分為WiseNews 新聞檔案和WiseEnterprise公司數據搜索。WiseNews 的資訊由超過1,600個內容供應商提供,當中包括全香港18份的中英文報紙,以及在內地、台灣和其他亞太地區的報紙,雜誌,新聞媒體,電視和電台廣播。自1979年以來,該數據庫擁有多達1.5億篇文章,為使用者提供有深度的大中華地區新聞資訊和專題文章。WiseEnterprise提供大中華地區的公司簡介以及相關新聞和財務數據的信息。使用者可按行業瀏覽和搜索。

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